A bibliography of Shirehampton

What there is to read about the history of Shirehampton, Avonmouth, King’s Weston, Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills

Compiled by Richard Coates


Like all bibliographies, this is an ongoing project. If you know of any useful books or articles or live web‐sites which are missing from here, please contact the compiler at richardc.yb@gmail.com.

The work focuses on history, not news.

Links are provided where possible to current online resources. The links mentioned in this work were active on the date of this revision unless stated otherwise. Quite a few items formerly available online are no longer accessible at the site originally hosting them, and I have not traced any replacement, which emphasizes the value of paper books and articles!

Being mentioned in this work is not a guarantee of accuracy or excellence.

Local information just mentioned in passing within more inclusive works is not listed here.

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This is to acknowledge the indispensable work of one local historian in particular: Ethel Thomas. Mrs Thomas’ significant Avonmouth Collection of local documents and her own writings is in the Bristol Archives formerly Bristol Record Office at 2.

The Archives’ catalogue of the collection, which also provides information about many unpublished items, items in draft and small newspaper articles which are not mentioned elsewhere in the present work, can be accessed at http://archives.bristol.gov.uk/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=2; some are mentioned immediately below. The catalogue says:

Ethel Thomas was a locally renowned author and contributed to various publications in the Shirehampton, Avonmouth and Sea Mills areas, including Shire newspaper 1978‐2002, the Shire‐Avon Gazette 1969‐71 and others. Many of her research notes and drafts of her printed articles are retained in this section of the collection that is, 2/A and these items provide the background and context to many of the facts that she presented in her published work.

Some of her articles on local topics are to be found in Bristol Archives but have not so far been incorporated into the present bibliography. These are:

Bristol Archives 2/A/32: Typescript local history articles, date and place of publication not known in every case, but several appeared in Shire from the 1970s to the 1990s; dates given are on the typescripts

  • History of St Peter’s parish church, Lawrence Weston. 1979.
  • The Reverend Hector Alexander Powell of Shirehampton. 1993.
  • German spies in the area of Avonmouth during Second World War. 1993.
  • Shirehampton ‐ some reminiscences including ghosts at Priory House. 1993.
  • Avonmothonian Stanley Webb R. I. P. 1993.
  • Raban/ Evelyn Waugh Shirehampton connection. 1993.
  • Draft of Splendid Ships, with annotations and corrections, undated.

Bristol Archives 2/A/47: Typescript short articles about aspects of Shirehampton history submitted to Shire and Port of Bristol Authority. Portfolio newspapers, exact publication details not traced 1970s ‐ 1980s; articles about:

  • Penpole of yester‐year. Shire 1974.
  • Hung Road. Shire 1975.
  • The Avonmouth Hotel. 1975.
  • The Lamplighter’s. Public house. Shire and Portfolio 1976.
  • The Avon Lighthouse 1840‐1902, with a poem about the same by Ethel Kate Bullock, died 1910. 1976.
  • Invasion over here, about US soldiers in Bristol during World War II. 1984.
  • Avonmouth and Shirehampton Labour Band victory celebrations. undated.

Not all materials in the Ethel Thomas Collection have been checked for inclusion here.

Valuable local historical writings by Ralph A. Hack and Judy Helme especially should be noted.

Thanks for assistance with the present work (given directly or indirectly, and wittingly or otherwise) go to Anthony Beeson, David Cemlyn, Susan Cooper, Judy Helme, Margaret McGregor, David Martyn, Liz Napier, Professor Nicholas Orme, Amanda Parsons, Angela Thompson Smith and the staff of Bristol Archives, and especially Les Harrold for making the first release of this bibliography fit for the internet age.



The Victoria County History of Gloucestershire has not yet reached the Shirehampton and Avonmouth, Sea Mills, King’s Weston and Lawrence Weston area. No attempt has been made to list the very many scattered references to the area in books about Bristol and Gloucestershire, although full chapters devoted mainly or exclusively to the area are included. The books, articles and web‐sites mentioned here are otherwise strictly local. An extremely useful resource is the set of layered historical maps, with pinned academic and community information, at Know Your Place, online at
https://maps.bristol.gov.uk/kyp accessed frequently.

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Bainbridge, Virginia and Julia Letts, eds, for the A Forgotten Landscape project team. 2017
Tales of the Vale: stories from A Forgotten Landscape.
South Gloucestershire, Heritage Lottery Fund ‐ A Forgotten Landscape project.
Book with oral history CD Section 1 covers north‐west Bristol.

City Design Group, authors David Martyn and Pete Insole (2020)
Section 7: Shirehampton conservation area character appraisal.
In a draft city-wide planning document slated for adoption by the City Council late in 2020.
Available online at https://www.bristol.gov.uk/documents/20182/4961990/Shirehampton+Conservation+Area+Character+Appraisal+-+Public+consultation.pdf/397dfb3c-b61f-0a14-14c8-133bb54d514a

Coates, Richard (in preparation)
Shirehampton sketches.
Includes both material previously published on local themes in Shire newspaper and elsewhere between 2007 and the present, with revisions, and new material.

Foot, David, photography by Chris Wright. 1978
‘Shirehampton’s marvellous murky memories’. Gloucestershire and Avon Life, February, 30‐33.

Hack, Ralph A. 1977
A pictorial history of Kingsweston, Shirehampton and Avonmouth to mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Avonmouth Dock.
In Bristol Archives Pamphlet/844. Folded typescript accompanying an exhibition at King’s Weston.

Hack, Ralph A. 1983
‘Shirehampton and its cricket club: the changing scene’. Introductory general historical essay in E. G. Joslin, W. Elborne and others, Shirehampton Cricket Club 1858‐1983: 125th anniversary. Bristol: Shirehampton Cricket Club.
Available at Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/2041, and through the branch library system.

Thomas, Ethel, ed. by Derek Archer. 1977
The Avonmouth story.
Dursley, F. Bailey and Derek Archer.

Thomas, Ethel. 1981
Down the ’Mouth: a history of Avonmouth.
Privately published. New book, but in effect the 2nd edition of previous item; a further new, 2nd edition 1992.

Thomas, Ethel, photography by Chris Wright. 1981
‘Bravery of ‘a south‐west town”. Gloucestershire and Avon Life January, 30‐31
The town which remained anonymous in the wartime press was Avonmouth.

Thomas, Ethel. 1983
Shirehampton story.
Privately published. 2nd edition 1993.
A short account of the history of Shirehampton by Ethel Thomas, derived from this book, is on the web at http://www.shire.org.uk.

Thomas, Ethel. 1989
War story.
Privately published.
History and reminiscences of Avonmouth and Shirehampton in both World Wars.

Thomas, Ethel. 2002
The continuing story of Shirehampton.
Privately published.

Woods, S. R. 1970
‘Shirehampton: the 1851 census’. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 89. 145‐155.

The area presently occupied by Shirehampton and Avonmouth parishes was originally a detached tithing /chapelry of Westbury on Trym parish. The following historical works covering Westbury in the early period (when Shirehampton would have been included) have been published.

McGregor, Margaret. 2017
The parish church of Holy Trinity, Westbury‐on‐Trym: a guide for visitors.
Westbury, Holy Trinity Church.

Mogford, Ernest. 1954
The history, survey and description from earliest times of Westbury‐on‐Trym.
Privately published.

Orme, Nicholas and Jon Cannon. 2010
Westbury‐on‐Trym: monastery, minster and college.
Bristol, Bristol Record Society, vol. 62.

Westbury‐on‐Trym parish church. 1967
1250 years at Westbury‐on‐Trym.
Privately published.
Also available in the Bristol and Avon Family History Society Research Room at Bristol Archives.

See also the works by H. J. Wilkins about aspects of Westbury’s ancient history listed below in Early documents and inscriptions: published.

The area presently occupied by King’s Weston and Lawrence Weston consisted formerly of two tithings of Henbury parish, and Sea Mills was within the lands of King’s Weston. The following general historical works covering Henbury in earlier centuries (when the Weston estates would have been included) have been published.

anonymous. 1958/1970
A guide to Henbury.
First and second editions. Bristol, Hallen and Henbury Women’s Institute.

Layzell, Doreen. 1984
Invitation to Henbury.
Bristol, Redcliffe Press.
Many copies in local libraries, including Bristol Central Library.

Tonkin, Marguerite. 1999
Old Henbury.
Bristol, Redcliffe Press.
7 copies in Bristol Central Library.

There is also much written specifically on the former Henbury Great House and on Blaise Castle House, park and folly, which are outside our area and therefore omitted here.

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Indexes of local history periodicals

Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (TBGAS)

Searchable and clickable index of mentions relating to places in the area near the mouth of the Avon

The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society’s index is at http://www.bgas.org.uk/publications/transactions.html. In late 2018, online access is possible to the general index to vols 1‐137 (1876‐2019) and the contents pages of vols 1‐135 (1876‐2017). The full text of articles and notes in vols 1‐135 (1876‐2017) can be found by clicking on the page‐numbers indicated. The full text of articles and notes is not available online until one year after paper publication.

Some articles of special local archaeological interest are mentioned separately above. For others, search on the place‐name (e.g. Avonmouth, King’s Weston or Kingsweston) within the contents or article indexes.

Other local historical periodicals occasionally carrying articles about our area: Avon Past (now no longer being published), Bristol and Avon Archaeology and Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

Selected early gazetteer entries

Lewis’s Topographical dictionary of England. 1848.
accessed 01 October 2020.

National gazetteer. 1868.
accessed 18 September 2018.

Local publications sometimes carrying historical material

If anyone knows the whereabouts of any complete runs of the first four journals/magazines, please tell the compiler at richardc.yb@gmail.com.

The Avonside Journal. 1938.

Parish of Avonmouth Monthly Magazine.

Parish of Shirehampton Monthly Magazine. 1935.

Portfolio and Tideway, publications of the Port of Bristol Authority.

Shire. 1972‐date
monthly free‐distribution newsletter/newspaper. Printed version from February 1972; back issues are available at Shirehampton Public Library. eShire is online from March 1999 (issue 326) http://www.shire.org.uk/.

Shire‐Avon Contact1967‐8Shire‐Avon Gazette. 1969‐71. Newsletters of St Andrew’s church, Avonmouth.
In Bristol Archives P.Avon/PM/2/a and P.Avon/PM/2/b respectively.

Community Voice: newsletter of the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Community Project.

Save Sea Mills Garden Suburb Newsletter2007‐8.

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Demography, social history and censuses

anonymous2000 Local historyShire, June.
http://www.shire.org.uk, quoted in full below:

“The village of Shirehampton, in the 17th and early 18th centuries, consisted of 36 dwellings, housing just over 40 families and having a total population of around 200 people. We know of the people who live in Shirehampton at this time and we also know their occupations from the probate inventories. Perhaps some of the following have descendants living in Shirehampton today!

Arthur King Vintner
Arthur Baker Husbandman
Elizabeth Dyer Widow
Henry Durberne Mariner
Richard Highway Husbandman
Thomas Whiting Yeoman
John Prior Yeoman
Anthony Matthew Pilot
Thomas Sergeant Husbandman
William Matthews Mariner
Thomas Collins Yeoman
William Rome Husbandman
John Green Yeoman
Roger Wade Mariner
John Pearce Thatcher
Christopher Wilcox Yeoman
John Cheshire Husbandman
Thomas Smith Yeoman
Elizabeth Bateman Widow
Thomas Cobden Husbandman
William Woodham Husbandman
George Morris Husbandman
Margaret Smith Widow
Joan Taylor Widow
John Clement Butcher
William Parker Yeoman
John Stokes Yeoman
Richard Willington Yeoman

Apart from the few who made their living as seamen, nearly everyone else was involved in agriculture, either as husbandman (small farmer), or yeoman (farming over 50 acres).”

Bone, Ian2001
Community profile of Shirehampton.
Shirehampton: Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association.
previously hall.shire.org.uk/profile.html, also http://archive.li/qdvNj for a reference to the report, but it is no longer accessible. A paper copy exists in the Public Hall archive accessed 03 January 2008.

Richardson, Mike2012
Pirates to proletarians: the experience of the pilots and watermen of Crockerne Pill in the nineteenth century.
Bristol, Bristol Radical History Grouppamphlet 23.
Sociology and politics. What happened in Pill was relevant to Shirehampton.

Woods, S. R. 1970
‘Shirehampton: the 1851 census’Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 145‐155.

Published reminiscences

Barnes, Jo1979
Arthur and me ‐ docker’s children.
Bristol, Bristol Broadsides.
Family reminiscences, Avonmouth.

Helme, Judy, for a group of researchers2003
In the footsteps in giants: a history of Lawrence Weston.
Bristol, ’acta Community Theatre Ltd.

Helme, Judy and Sue Davies, eds. undated; ? 1999
A mouthful of memories: an oral history of Avonmouth.
Bristol, Avonmouth Genealogy Group.

Helme, Judy and Sue Davies, eds2001
Another mouthful of memories: an oral history of Avonmouth.
Bristol, Avonmouth Genealogy Group.

Hodges, Edwin, of Avonmouth. 1954
‘The port used to have only one ship a week’Evening Post18 October.

Lukins, Celia2005
Reminiscences of the author’s father, Ivor Packer, contributed to BBC archive ‘WW2 People’s War’,
https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/54/a4921454.shtml accessed 26 August 2018.

Smith, Angela Thompson2006
Baltimore, Maryland, Publish America.
Print‐on‐demand collection of reminiscences and recipes which first appeared in Shire newspaper.

Thomas, Ethel1989
War Story.
Privately published.
Reminiscences of Avonmouth and Shirehampton in wartime.

Unpublished reminiscences

Baron, François, of Shirehampton, 1823‐99
Diary/memoirs formerly in hands of Mr Densmore Walker.
Extracts are in the Ethel Thomas collection, Bristol Archives, 2/A/73.

Brayley, Harper, of Avonmouth.
Typescript memories of Harper Brayley, with annotations, 1954‐69.
There are notes in the Ethel Thomas collection, Bristol Archives, 2/A/5.

Craddy, George Adams, of Pill and later of Shirehampton, 1885‐1920? diary date? ‐ lived 1855‐1920; memoirs, whereabouts unknown. There are extracts and notes (among many others) in the Ethel Thomas collection, Bristol Archives, 2/A/13.

Genealogy of local families


anonymoushomepage dated 22 January 2003
The Willingtons of Shirehampton: Willington/Wellington genealogy. http://www.dalmura.com.au/genealogy/Willington/ accessed 12 July 2018.

Historical personalities

Thomas Alcock, 17thC historical character associated with the second Earl of Rochester, courtier and poet (Shirehampton)

Cooper, Susan Margaret2017
Thomas Alcock: a biographical account.
Privately published and obtainable from the author.

Irene Base, calligrapher (Shirehampton)

Niblett, Gordon1982
Obituary of Irene BaseNewsletter which was the forerunner of The Scribe 25.

See also Ethel Thomas, The continuing story of Shirehampton, 124‐126.

Roy Bentley, professional footballer (Shirehampton)

Bentley, Roy1955
Going for goal.
London, Museum PressAutobiography.

Bentley, Roy and Jim Drury2005
Roy Wonder. Roy Bentley: Chelsea Champion.
Stroud, The History Press.

Frederick Bligh Bond, architect (with distinctive buildings in Shirehampton and Avonmouth including the Public Hall, The Wylands, The Miles Arms, and the former King’s Weston Estate Office in Shirehampton)

Coates, Richard2015
Frederick Bligh Bond (1864‐1945): a bibliography of his writings and a list of his buildings
Working paper. University of the West of England, http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/25679.

Hopkinson‐Ball, Tim2007
The rediscovery of Glastonbury: Frederick Bligh Bond, architect of the New Age.
Stroud, Sutton Publishing.
Biography; chapter 2 includes material about Bond’s time as architect to the King’s Weston estate.

Pollard, Kate2003
‘Bligh Bond, a ‘colourful’ Bristol architect’Evening Post 2 December 2003.
Also http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 28 August 2018.

See also Thomas, The continuing story of Shirehampton124‐145.

Barbara Chick, nurse and Falklands War hero (Shirehampton)

Barbara Chick was honoured with a ceremony and plaque at Shirehampton Health Centre on 5 September 1984, according to the Falkland Islands Newsletter 21 (November 1984), 7:

In Memory of Nurse Barbara Chick, S.E.N.
A resident of Shirehampton, who
gave her life on 10th April 1984
trying to rescue patients
trapped by a fire at the
King Edward VII Memorial Hospital
Port Stanley
Falkland Islands

Barbara ignored orders to keep out of the burning hospital and stayed with her patients until she was overcome by smoke, according to the Associated Press. She is buried at Port Stanley. The plaque does not appear to be displayed at the present Health Centre in Pembroke Road.

Rotha Mary Clay, pioneer social worker, historian and art historian (Shirehampton)

Orme, Nicholas2001
A remarkable lady of ShirehamptonShire 352, May12, http://www.shire.org.uk.

Orme, Nicholas2004
Clay, Rotha Mary (1878‐1961)Oxford dictionary of national biography.
Oxford, Oxford University Press. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/ref:odnb/61734
Requires subscriber login or similar.

Rachel Harvey, writer, aunt of Rev. A. J. Harvey, vicar (Shirehampton)

Harvey, Rev Afred J. 1905
Rachel Harvey.
No further details of this book have been discovered. Probably privately published, but not found in any copyright library.

Harvey, Rachel.
A book of her poetry, edited by her nephew.
No further details of this book have been discovered. Probably privately published, but not found in any copyright library.

Gilbert Jessop, cricketer (Shirehampton)

Brodribb, Gerald1974
The legend of Gilbert Jessop.
Cricinfo. http://www.espncricinfo.com/cricketer/content/story/134791.html.

Hal Jons (Harry Jones, Harry Graham), author (Shirehampton)

Coates, Richard2018
‘The Wild West of England’Shire555April3.
A prolific author of Westerns.

James Lewis, West Indies merchant and slave owner (resident of Shirehampton; monument in Westbury church)

Legacies of British Slave Ownership database, https://www.ucl.ac.uk/lbs/ Search for James Lewis I.

Philip John Miles, West Indies merchant, slave owner and banker (Leigh Court and King’s Weston)

Farrell, Stephen and David R. Fisher2009
Miles, Philip John (1774‐1845). In David R. Fisher, ed., The history of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1820‐32Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Legacies of British Slave Ownership database, https://www.ucl.ac.uk/lbs/ Search for Miles.

Morgan, Kenneth2016 Miles, Philip John (1774‐1845). Oxford dictionary of national biography.
Oxford, Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/ref:odnb/107409
Requires subscriber login or similar.

Philip Napier Miles, composer and philanthropist (King’s Weston)

Philip Napier Miles.
Wikipedia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Napier_Miles, which includes a list of some of his published music.

Colles, Henry C. 1936
Philip Napier Miles: composerMusic and Letters 17.4357‐367.

Miles’s personal and related papers and music (1884‐1951) can be found at University of Bristol Special Collections GB 3 DM 39, along with his conductor’s baton in the university’s Cabinet of Curiosities. There are occasional short references to his concerts in musical journals, not detailed here.

Archibald Sayce, linguistic scholar (Shirehampton)

anonymous? 2004
Archibald Sayce.
Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archibald_Sayce.

Gunn, Battiscombe revised by O. R. Gurney2004
Sayce, Archibald Henry (1845‐1933)Oxford dictionary of national biography.
Oxford, Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/ref:odnb/35965
Requires subscriber login or similar.

Archives of Sayce’s papers can be traced through: http://www.pitts.emory.edu/Archives/text/mss264.html accessed 12 July 2018; formerly at http://www.ashmolean.museum/gri/4sayce.html, now no longer accessible.

See also Who Was Who in Egyptology3rd ed., 1995375.

Samuel Seyer, historian (resident of Bristol, buried at Shirehampton)

Bettey, Joseph H. 2008
Seyer, Samuel (1757‐1831)Oxford dictionary of national biography.
Oxford, Oxford University Press, https://doi.org/10.1093/ref:odnb/25153
Requires subscriber login or similar.

Robert Stephens, actor (Shirehampton)

Stephens, Robert and Michael Coveney1995
Robert Stephens, knight errant: memoirs of a vagabond actor.
London, Hodder and Stoughton.
There is a blue plaque on his childhood home in Priory Road.

Ethel Thomas, local historian of Avonmouth and Shirehampton (Avonmouth)

Biographical notes: http://archives.bristol.gov.uk/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=2.

Dorothy and William Wordsworth (visitors to Shirehampton)

Hack, Ralph A. 1998
‘The Wordsworths in Shirehampton.’ Partially reprinted in Shire March 2009. http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 8 September 2018.

Many other local people are commemorated especially in the pages of Shire, the issues of which since 1999 can be searched online electronically at http://www.shire.org.uk.

For biographies of national public figures it is usually best to start with Wikipedia and follow up references there. For other significant personalities, including more information on those mentioned above, see Shirehampton Sketches.

Monumental inscriptions (including war memorials)

ABHBA (1888‐90) Note 1618: Shirehampton church: memorial inscriptions
9 inscriptions within the church, taken in 1883.
Gloucestershire Notes and Queries 4181‐182.

Bigland, Ralph (lived 1711‐84), ed. Brian Frith1989‐95
Historical, monumental and genealogical collections relative to the county of Gloucester.
4 volsStroud, Alan Sutton, for Gloucestershire Record Society.
Includes transcriptions of Shirehampton churchyard memorials, vol. IV, 1418 of Frith’s edition. The entry for the whole of Westbury parish is on 1405‐10, and includes memorials of relevance to Shirehampton in Westbury church.

Bristol & Avon Family History Society1980‐6
Transcription of inscriptions in Shirehampton cemetery,
https://www.bafhs.org.uk/local-burials/shirehampton accessed 29 October 2018.
The actual burial registers are held at Canford Cemetery Office, Westbury on Trym. For the churchyard, see Shirehampton Church‐Yard Book (1869, with new entries thereafter),
Bristol Archives,P.St MS/I/6/1..

Chubb, Bob2006
Imperial Smelting Corporation war memorialShireNovember. http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 27 August 2018.

“A memorial commemorating the sacrifice of 22 employees of the Imperial Smelting Corporation was until recently located at the former smelter site which is now owned by Rhodia in Avonmouth. Last year 2005 it was noticed that this memorial was showing signs of wear and unfortunately the materials did not make it possible to relocate it. Rhodia commissioned a new memorial plaque which as a long term solution was erected in the Memorial Corner at St Andrews Church, Avonmouth. On 31st August 2006 this plaque was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Bristol, Ven. Tim McClure, in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Bristol and the Lady Mayoress.”

Coates, Richard2019
‘An epitaph in Dano‐Norwegian in Shirehampton chapel yard’. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 137254-257.

Shirehampton Local History Group2009
St Mary’s Shirehampton: memorial inscriptions and sketch plans
Based on an original index produced by Bristol and Avon Family History Society.

Viator1882‐4 DCCCXIX = note 819. Index to monumental inscriptions, Shirehampton. Some from church and churchyard, taken in 1883.
Gloucestershire Notes and Queries 2392‐393.

Westlake, Ray2002a
Transcription of inscription on Avonmouth war memorial, St Andrew’s church 44 names.
With Pilning, http://www.hellfirecorner.co.uk/westlake/Westlake9.html accessed 27 August 2018.

Westlake, Ray2002b
Transcription of inscription on Shirehampton war memorial 58 names.
accessed 27August 2018.

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see also Monumental inscriptions.

Both World Wars

Shirehampton Remembered

During the World Wars many people from the Shirehampton area lost their lives both in this country and in the far‐flung corners of the world. To commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, a Book of Remembrance has been presented to St Mary’s church in Shirehampton. It has been compiled locally using Commonwealth War Graves Commission data, the 1901 Census and details from Les Grey (Shirehampton). Though not complete, the book does give information about the person’s family/military details and their final resting place or memorial location and may be of interest to local families wishing to find out about relatives lost in both world wars. The book is available for viewing by contacting St Mary’s Church in Shirehampton.

Thomas, Ethel1989
War story.
Privately published.
History and reminiscences of Avonmouth and Shirehampton in both World Wars.

The First World War

Burlton, Clive2014
‘Mustard gas production at Avonmouth’. In Melanie Kelly, ed., Bristol and the First World War: the great reading adventure 2014.
Abbots Leigh, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, 36‐39.

Byrne, Eugene2014
‘Homes fit for heroes’ ‐ Bristol’s new housing estates’. In Melanie Kelly, ed., Bristol and the First World War: the great reading adventure 2014.
Abbots Leigh, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, 98‐100.

Remount Depot display.
Online at http://www.locallearning.org.uk/Remount-depot-display.pdf accessed 21 September 2020.

Nourse, Nick with Peter Insole2014
‘The Remount Depot’ .In Melanie Kelly, ed., Bristol and the First World War: the great reading adventure 2014.
Abbots Leigh, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, 48‐49.

Wadsworth, Jacqueline2014
Bristol in the Great War.
Barnsley, Pen & Sword.
There is significant material on Avonmouth and Shirehampton (The Remount Depot) in chapter 2.

See also Remount Depot

The Second World War

Rogers, John1997
Bristol blitz.
Focusing on the raids on Avonmouth and Shirehampton, http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 4 September 2018.

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Historical photographs

Beeson, Anthony2013
Westbury‐on‐Trym to Avonmouth through time.
Stroud, Amberley Publishing.

Bliszko, Lucy2016
21 historic photos of Shirehampton.
Bristol 24/7, https://www.bristol247.com/news-and-features/features/historic-photos-of-shirehampton/ accessed 21 September 2020.

Fisher, Janet and Derek Fisher, compilers1994?
Shirehampton, Sea Mills: on old postcards.
Bristol, Bygone Bristol.

Hoey, Davidundated
Old postcards of Shirehampton, http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 4 September 2018.

Morgan, John H. 1860‐4
Photography by John H. Morgan: A Frame containing Four Views of the Effects of the late Hurricane at Shirehampton; Shirehampton Park; At King’s Weston; exhibited 1860‐4 Reference http://peib.dmu.ac.uk/detailexhibition.php?exbtnid=1039&inum=379&listLength=595&orderBy=photographernorm accessed 27 August 2018.

Winstone, Reece1977
Bristol’s suburbs in the 1920’s & 1930’s: the photographs taken and collected by, and the book written …. by Reece Winstone.
Privately published.

Winstone, Reece1985
Bristol’s suburbs long ago.
Privately published – and to be found scattered in many of the other pictorial books by the same photographer.

Archaeological excavation reports and similar

Watching‐brief reports with no significant findings are mostly omitted. Many not mentioned here can be found pinned on the Bristol: Know Your Place web‐site.

General geology and Palaeolithic archaeology of the area

ApSimon, A. M. and George C. Boon1960
An exposure of the Bristol Avon gravels at Shirehampton, near Bristol, June 1959. Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 9.122‐29.

Bates, Martin R. 2003
A brief review of deposits containing palaeolithic artefacts in the Shirehampton area of Bristol and their regional context. Llwynfedwen, Libanus, Brecon, Report for the Avon Archaeological Unit on behalf of Linden Homes Western Ltd.

Bates, Martin R. and F. F. Wenban‐Smith2005
Palaeolithic research framework for the Bristol Avon basin. Report commissioned by Bristol City Council, http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= accessed 26 August 2018.
There are other references relevant to the area in this web‐document.

Clevedon Brown, J. 1957
Archaeological notes: Palaeolithic and other implements from the Shirehampton district. Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 8.143‐44.

GeoQuest Associates1999
Archaeomagnetic study of a sediment sequence at Kite’s Corner, Cabot Park, Avonmouth. Report for Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd.

Lacaille, A. D. 1954
Palaeoliths from the lower reaches of the Bristol AvonThe Antiquaries Journal 341‐27.

Locock, M, S. Robinson and A. Yates1998a
Cabot Park phase 2: Poplar, Packgate and Moorend, Avonmouth, Bristol. Archaeological Evaluation. Report for Burford Group PLC. Report 98/047.

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Late Bronze Age sites at Cabot Park, AvonmouthArchaeology in the Severn Estuary 931‐36.

McConnell, Richard2003
Bristol Waste Water Treatment Works, Avonmouth, Bristol: an archaeological watching brief.
East Stour, Dorset, Context One Archaeological ServicesReport for Wessex Water plc.
Formerly http://www.contextone.co.uk/online_reports/downloads/WBF_WWB_report.pdf accessed 20 February 2007.

This may be related to:

Tabor, R. 2013
D9348: Bristol Sewage Treatment Works, King’s Weston Lane, Avonmouth, Bristol: an archaeological watching brief. Context One Archaeological Services, http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/archiveDS/archiveDownload?t=arch-887-1/dissemination/pdf/contexto1-134322_1.pdf accessed 18 September 2018.

Norcott, D. 2013
Bristol Waste Water Treatment Works, Avonmouth ‐ Stage 2: Geoarchaeological description and interpretationSalisbury, Wessex Archaeology.
Stage 3, Palaeoenvironmental assessment report, http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/library/browse/issue.xhtml?recordId=1154679&recordType=GreyLitSeries accessed 18 September 2018.

Roe, Derek1974
Palaeolithic artefacts from the River Avon terraces near BristolProceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 13.3319‐326.
Includes finds from the Ham Green ‐ Shirehampton area.

Skempton, Alec, S. W. Smotrych, F. A. Hibbert & J. R. Haynesundated
Holocene stratigraphy and sea‐level changes near Avonmouth, Gloucestershire. Typescript in Alec Skempton’s papers; see Anne Barrett and Kate Thompson (2005)Skempton Papers Guide to Records.
Imperial College http://www.cv.ic.ac.uk/SkemArchive/HDMS/Civils/Skempton/Web/skempton.htm accessed 10 July 2018.
Imperial College, London, archive identifier: SKEM00577; box number 66, series 19.

Sites in Avonmouth

Everton, A. and R. Everton1981
Romano‐British occupation at Crook’s Marsh Farm, AvonmouthBristol Archaeological Research Group 257‐58.

Locock, Martin and Martin Lawler2000
Moated enclosures on the North Avon Level: survey and excavation at Rockingham Farm, Avonmouth, 1993‐7Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 11893‐122.

Masser, Paul, Julie Jones and Bridget McGill2005
Romano‐British settlement and land use on the Avonmouth Levels: the evidence of the Pucklechurch to Seabank pipeline projectTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 12355‐86.

Sites at King’s Weston Roman villa and adjacent

Boon, George C. 1950
The Roman villa in King’s Weston Park (Lawrence Weston Estate, Gloucestershire)Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 695‐58.
Includes specialist reports by D. B. Harden (glass), Stanley Smith (building stones), D. T. Donovan (soil samples), M. A. C. Hinton and D. P. Dobson‐Hinton (bones).

Boon, George C. 1967a
A penannular brooch from King’s Weston Roman VillaTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 86195‐196.

Boon, George C. 1967b
King’s Weston Roman Villa (official guide).
Bristol, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.
Earlier edition: The Roman buildings, King’s Weston Park, Bristol1949.

Boon, George C. 1993
Kingsweston Villa revisited: the East Wing murder and other burialsTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 11177‐83.

Burchill, R. 1995
Survey and archaeological excavation of King’s Weston Roman villa, Lawrence Weston, Bristol.
Bristol, Bristol and Region Archaeological Services.

Clevedon Brown, J. 1958
The Roman settlement at Lawrence Weston: the alleged road and the 1850 pavementProceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 8.2119‐123.

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King’s Weston Hill, Bristol…Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 1341‐48.

Parker, A. J. 1984
A Roman settlement at Lawrence WestonBristol and Avon Archaeology 327‐35.
A preliminary report. Location: Bristol City Museum, accession number 32/1982.

Wessex Archaeology (2006) Katherine Farm, Avonmouth, Bristol: archaeological desk-based assessment. Salisbury: Wessex Arcaeology, online at http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Katherine-Farm-Avonmouth-Desk-based-Assesment.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Rahtz, Philip A. and J. Clevedon Brown1959
Blaise Castle Hill, Bristol, 1957Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 8.3147‐171.

Williams, Bruce1988
Recent archaeological work at Kingsweston House, Bristol (illustrated)Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 107228‐232.

For resistivity and ground-penetrating radar surveys of the grounds of King’s Weston House, see https://www.kwag.org.uk/downloads/published-resources/.

Sites in Sea Mills

Bennett, Julian1985
Sea Mills: the Roman town of Abonae. Excavations at Nazareth House 1972.
Bristol, City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery monograph 3.

Boon, George C. with notes by J. Baxter, A. Mitchinson and G.R. Stanton1945
The Roman site at Sea Mills, 1945‐46Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 66258‐295.

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A Claudian origin for Sea MillsTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 68184‐188.

Constant, Jim1979
Sea MillsBristol and Avon Archaeological Research Group newsletter? 6.7 April000‐000
No copy located.

Dobson, Dina P. 1937
Excavations, Sea Mills, near BristolTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 59330‐332.

Dobson, D. P. and F. Walker with list of pottery by J. S. Kirkman1939
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No. 75 Sea Mills Lane, Sea Mills Bristol: archaeological desk based assessment on behalf of Mrs. D. Britton.
Bristol, Avon Archaeological Unit.

Higgins, David H. See below under Russell.

Martin, A. T. with a report by E. K. Tratman1923
Excavations at Sea MillsTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 45193‐201.

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Reece, Richard1966
Roman coins from Sea MillsTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 85218‐220.

Russell, James2008
Sea Mills dock, BristolJournal of the Council for British Archaeology South‐West 21, 26‐46.
There is a sound recording with this title in Bristol Central Library, Reference Section. The article provoked further thoughts as follows:

  • Higgins, David H. 2008
    Aspects of the vocabulary and history of hydraulics in the south‐west: the Roman clyse of the Somerset Levels and the possibility of a Roman tidal lock at Abona, Sea Mills, Bristol.
    Journal of the Council for British Archaeology South‐West 22,
    previously available http://www.britarch.ac.uk/cbasw/ and http://www.romaneranames.uk/essays/higgins.pdf accessed 14 September 2018.
  • Russell, James2008
    Sea Mills dock, Bristol ‐ a postscriptJournal of the Council for British Archaeology South West 2236‐37.

Scarth, Rev. H. M. 1873
On an inscribed stone found at Sea Mills in 1873, on the east side of the River Avon, two miles below Bristol.
Pamphlet, available in Bristol Archives at Pamphet/5.

Note the recent and current work of the Sea Mills Archaeological Research Team (SMART) on the Roman town, currently in suspense whilst a Scheduled Ancient Monument application is underway.

Sites in Shirehampton

Burchill, Rod1996
Archaeological watching brief at Portway Upper School, Penpole Lane, Shirehampton, Bristol.
Bristol, Bristol and Region Archaeological Services.
There are other local watching brief reports in this series whose details were accessible through http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/.

Glass, Emily2009
Archaeological watching brief of land at no. 38 Walton Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, for Mr Philip Pinnell.
Bristol, Bristol and Region Archaeological Services.
Report no. 2060/2009 (Bristol Historic Environment Record no. 24645).

Archaeological reports covering sites within Bristol can now be found annually in Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, http://www.bgas.org.uk/publications/transactions.html.

Early documents and inscriptions

Anglo‐Saxon documents

Offa, King of Mercia (793 x 796) Land‐grants relating to Stoke, in Westbury‐on‐Trym. Nos 139 and 146 in Peter Sawyer, ed. (1968) Anglo‐Saxon charters.
London, Royal Historical Society.
Available in The electronic Sawyer, http://www.esawyer.org.uk/charter/139.html and
http://www.esawyer.org.uk/charter/146.html, an online version of the revised edition of
Anglo‐Saxon charters, section one, prepared under the auspices of the British Academy / Royal Historical Society Joint Committee on Anglo‐Saxon Charters by Susan E. Kelly and adapted for the Web by S. M. Miller.

Extracts from The electronic Sawyer giving further bibliographical references, etc. (explained fully on the web‐site mentioned), can be seen below.

S 139
This item is datable to between A.D. 793 and 796, and was given at Clobeshoas (believed by some to be Brixworth, Northamptonshire). King Offa grants to Æthelmund, his minister 55 hides (cassati) at Westbury‐on‐Trym, Gloucestershire. Latin, with bounds in Old English.
Archive: Worcester
It survives in three manuscripts, of which the first is probably the original document.

  • British Library Additional Charters 19790 (8th/9th century)
  • British Library Cotton Tiberius xiii, 52rv (first half of 11th century)
  • British Library Cotton Vitellius C. ix, 130v (17th century; incomplete)
It has been printed in various places listed in Sawyer.
S 146
This item is datable to between A.D. 793 and 796. King Offa grants to (the church at) Worcester the reversion of 60 hides (manentes) at Westbury‐on‐Trym and 10 (or 20) at Henbury, Gloucestershire, after the death of himself and his son Ecgfrith. Latin, with bounds in Old English.
Archive: Worcester
It survives in three copies, and is generally believed to be copied from an authentic document.


  • Lost original
  • British Library Cotton Nero E. i, part 2, 181v (11th century)
  • British Library Cotton Tiberius A. xiii, 48r‐49r (first half of 11th century)
  • British Library Cotton Vitellius C. ix, 130v (seventeenth‐century copy, incomplete; taken directly or indirectly from the lost original)

It has been printed in various places listed in Sawyer and translated in Dorothy Whitelock,
English historical documents, vol. I. (two editions), no. 78. Oxford,Oxford University Press.

The importance of these documents is that they refer to Stoke, which includes two pieces of land identifiable as the later tithings of Stoke Bishop and Shirehampton.

Their boundaries are given in Old English in the documents, and they are discussed in all the following works:

Everett, S. 1961
A reinterpretation of the Anglo‐Saxon survey of Stoke BishopTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 80175‐178.

Grundy, G. B. 1935‐6
Charters and field names of Gloucestershire.
Bristol, Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.

Higgins, David H. 2002
The Anglo‐Saxon charters of Stoke Bishop: a study of the boundaries of Bisceopes stocTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 120107‐131.

Higgins, David H. 2004
The Roman town of Abona and the Anglo‐Saxon charters of Stoke Bishop of AD 969 and 984Bristol and Avon Archaeology 1975‐86.

Higgins, David H. undated
Abona (Sea Mills) and Abona (Leigh Court): the evidence of Anglo‐Saxon charters and aerial photography. Sound recording.
Available through Libraries West, see https://www.librarieswest.org.uk/client/en_GB/default accessed 17 September 2018.

Lindley, E. S. 1959
The Anglo‐Saxon charters of Stoke BishopTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 7796‐109.

Moore, John S. 1987
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 1Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 105109‐32 esp. 119‐120 dealing with former opinions on whether Chire in Domesday book is Shirehampton ‐ it is not ‐ and crediting A. S. Ellis with the correct solution.

Taylor, Charles S. 1900
The church and monastery of Westbury‐on‐TrymProceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club 420‐.
Includes material on the Shirehampton charters.

Taylor, Charles S. 1910
The parochial boundaries of BristolTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 33126‐139 esp. 126‐130.

Taylor, Charles S. 1913
Note on the entry in Domesday Book relating to Westbury on SevernTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 36182‐190.
Clarifies the fact that Chire in Domesday Book does not refer to Shirehampton, as Sir Robert Atkyns (1712) had supposed.

Parish registers, inclosure awards, tithe awards, ancient documents in archives, etc.

published and unpublished, covering at least part of the area


Wilkins, H. J. 1909
The disagreement between the Dean and Chapter of Westbury and the Vicar of Henbury, with terms of settlement in A.D. 1463 by the Right Reverend John Carpenter, D.D. … also notes on the earliest efforts to found a bishopric for Bristol.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith.

Wilkins, H. J. 1909
The letters patent of King Henry VIII granting Westbury‐on‐Trym Collegiate Church and College, etc., together with all their Endowments to Sir Ralph Sadleir.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith.

Wilkins, H. J. 1909
The letters patent of King Edward VI granting Henbury Manor and Church, Stoke Bishop, Sneyd Park, Pen Park, Olveston, etc., to Sir Ralph Sadleir.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith.

Wilkins, H. J. 1909
Copy of the deed of the sale of the next presentation but one to Henbury Vicarage.
Bristol, J.W. Arrowsmith.

Wilkins, H. J. 1910
Transcription of the Poor Book of the tithings of Westbury‐on‐Trym, Stoke Bishop and Shirehampton from A.D. 1656‐1698: with introduction and notes.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith.

Wilkins, H. J. 1920
Perambulation of the boundaries of the ancient parish of Westbury‐on‐Trym in May, 1803 A.D. With notes; also an enquiry concerning two Bristol place names ‐ Whiteladies Road and Durdham Down.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith With folding map.


This bibliography does not systematically include information about documents in archives, like parish registers, census returns, school records or deeds deposited with solicitors, though a few important ones are mentioned. There is a very useful online guide to where to find such local documents at https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/media/1519484/a-guide-to-archive-sources-for-the-history-of-south-gloucestershire-5th-ed-2018-02-28.pdf accessed 19 September 2018, search on Avonmouth, Henbury (for Sea Mills, King’s Weston and Lawrence Weston) and Shirehampton.

Local documents in the Bristol Archives may be traced through http://archives.bristol.gov.uk/; search the online catalogue for Avonmouth, Kingsweston/Kings Weston, Lawrence Weston (also under Laurence Weston), Sea Mills, Shirehampton.

Important sets of family papers are included in the Ashton Court papers of the Smyth family (AC/) including the Woolnough family (AC/WO/), Joseph Langley’s papers (11054/), and the Miles family papers (12151/).

Shirehampton registers of marriages and burials exist from 1727, and baptisms from 1730; 1727 is the date of the building of the new chapel. In Bristol Archives (P.St MS/R/). Other parish papers, from 1681‐1984, may also be found at P.St MS/. The new parish was created in 1844 out of Westbury‐on‐Trym, before which it had been a chapel‐of‐ease of Westbury. Transcripts of Westbury‐on‐Trym parish registers including Shirehampton before that date (1559 onwards) can be found at Bristol Archives P.HTW.

Shirehampton tithe map1841. Bristol Archives EP/A/32/34 and Bristol Archives (Sturge) 37959/39
Unpublished; but there is a copy/interpretation of the tithe map by
H. A. Lane1979 on the endpapers of Ethel Thomas, The continuing story of Shirehampton.

Shirehampton Church‐Yard Book (1869, with new entries thereafter), Bristol Archives, P.St MS/I/6/1.
Contains references to an associated graveyard map, formerly in St Mary’s vestry and reproduced in both the Bristol and Avon Family History Society’s and Shirehampton Local History Group’s indexes.

Shirehampton census records for 1851 are at Gloucestershire Archives, MF303.


Coates, Richard. 2008a
Correction to The place‐names of Gloucestershire. Journal of the English Place‐Name Society40129‐130.
About the entry for Shirehampton in that book, wrongly assigned to Henbury parish.

Coates, Richard2008b
The name of Shirehampton.
On the Shire web‐site, http://www.shire.org.uk/
Also short articles on individual local names in Shire from February 2008 onwards, and also later http://www.shire.org.uk/.

Coates, Richard2011
The street‐names of Shirehampton and Avonmouth.
On the Shire web‐site, http://www.shire.org.uk/.

Coates, Richard2012
The farm‐ and field‐names of old Shirehampton.
On the Shire web‐site, http://www.shire.org.uk/.

Coates, Richard2015
On the Shire web‐site, http://www.shire.org.uk/.

Coates, Richard2016
A lost place‐name: Godringhill in HenburyTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 134251‐255.
The place was probably in Lawrence Weston.

Coates, Richard.
2015; appeared 2018
Naming Shirehampton and the name ShirehamptonOnoma: journal of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences 50, 5‐43online also at https://onomajournal.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Onoma-50-01.-Coates-final-25.08.2019.pdf.

Coates, Richard2019
Places, names and history in north‐west Bristol.
Bristol, Bristol Centre for Linguistics, University of the West of England.
Contains revised and fully updated versions of the 2011, 2012 and 2015 items above, plus the essay ‘The farms of the King’s Weston estate’, the earliest version of which (2018) is available on the web‐site of the King’s Weston Action Group.

Harris, H. C. W. 1969
Housing nomenclature in Bristol.
Bristol, Bristol City Council.
Harris’s preparatory notebook is available in Bristol Archives, record no. 40702.

Harris, H. C. W. 1971
Origin of district and street names in Bristol Typescript, Bristol Central Reference Library and Bristol Record Office.

Macey, Mary2009
Local people in street namesShireApril 2009, now http://www.shire.org.uk.

Smith, A. Hugh1964
The place‐names of Gloucestershire, part 3.
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. (Survey of English Place‐Names 40).
The standard reference work for this area.

Smith, Veronica2001
The street names of Bristol: their origins and meanings.
Bristol, Broadcast Books.
Second edition 2002. Very unreliable on older names.

Wilkins, H. J. 1920
Perambulation of the boundaries of the ancient parish of Westbury‐on‐Trym in May, 1803 A.D. With notes; also an enquiry concerning two Bristol place names ‐ Whiteladies Road and Durdham Down.
Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith With folding map24.

Surname Shirehampton

Coates, Richard2017
The 99‐year surname and God, by proxyJournal of the Guild of One‐Name Studies12.12October‐December11‐12.

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Note: the words in some of the entries are quoted direct from local materials, and are not written by the present compiler.


St Andrew’s (C. of E.)

The parish church of St Andrew Avonmouth in the Diocese of Bristol (1893‐1993) ‐ a short guide and history.
Copy in Bristol Archives, 45547/5.

St Brendan’s (Roman Catholic)

Anglin, Val2004
Parishioners say farewell in AvonmouthClifton Catholic NewsMarch
Contains a brief history of St Brendan’s, Avonmouth.

Bryant, John2009
Archaeological building survey of St Brendan’s church, St Andrews Road, Avonmouth, Bristol, for Ferris Homes.
Bristol: Bristol and Region Archaeological Service Report no. 2187/2009. Bristol Historic Environment Record no. 24811. Online at https://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/archiveDS/archiveDownload?t=arch-918-1/dissemination/pdf/bristola1-64017_1.pdf accessed 22 September 2020.

Other churches in Avonmouth: Congregational; Methodist; Evangelical.

No separate written accounts have been found of any of them so far.

King’s Weston and Lawrence Weston

Church House is in Chapel Lane: mystery of history at Lawrence WestonWestern Daily Press16 JuneSee report of this article in Helme 2003 30.

Christ the King church, Lawrence Weston, Bristol.
Contains reminiscences and technical description.
This was the precursor of the present St Peter’s church.

Thompson, A. Hamilton1915
Notes on the ecclesiastical history of the parish of HenburyTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 3899‐186.
Includes Lawrence Weston and King’s Weston.

Churches in Lawrence Weston

Other churches in Lawrence Weston:
Methodist; Church of Christ the King with St Peter (1950; from 1961 St Peter; The Jelly Mould);
Our Lady of the Rosary (Roman Catholic); Baptist; Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses; Bethesda Chapel (now Lawrence Weston Christian Fellowship (Pentecostal)); note also Friends’ Quakers’ Burial Ground.
No separate written accounts have been found of any of them so far.

Sea Mills

St Edyth’s (Church of England)

Inside story 1928‐1978.
Bristol, St Edyth’s.
Copy in Bristol Central Lending Library.


Sea Mills Methodist Church 1931‐1981: 50 years a community church in Sea Mills.
Copy in Bristol Central Lending Library.

Highgrove (Woodlands Group of Churches)

[A brief section in] Our story so far, https://www.thecommunitychurch.net/the-story-so-far accessed 8 October 2018.


St Mary’s (Church of England)

Shirehampton was a chapelry of Westbury‐on‐Trym till 1844, when it became a separate parish. The building shown in Shire 543, April 2017, was built in 1827, replacing a previous building probably in existence since at least 1510. The church was destroyed by fire in 1928. Avonmouth became a separate parish from Shirehampton in 1917.

Ralph Bigland, the 18th‐century historian, described the chapel of his day as a small chapel consisting of a Nave, and Chancel and a Wooden turrett at the West‐end, therein one Bell.

Coates, Richard2018
A context for the founding of the chapel of ease at ShirehamptonTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 136306‐309.

Draper, Philip M. Church Crawler2002
St Mary, Shirehampton, Bristol. http://www.churchcrawler.co.uk/shiremar.htm accessed 27 August 2018.
The churchcrawler web‐site contains descriptions of many other local churches.

Hack, Ralph A. 2005
The rededication of St Mary’s church, ShirehamptonShire399, April http://www.shire.org.uk.
Includes a full summary history of the church.

Jones, Percy Thoresby1939
The parish church of St Mary Shirehampton.
Gloucester, British Publishing Co. Ltd.

Wheeler, Anthony W. 1968
The story of St Mary’s Church, Shirehampton.
Gloucester, British Publishing Co. Ltd.

Shirehampton Baptist church

Walliker, Marjorie1990
Shirehampton Baptist church, 1890‐1990: our history.
Privately published.

Walliker, Marjorie2002
The history of Shirehampton Baptist churchShireNovember, http://www.shire.org.uk.

St Bernard’s Roman Catholic church

St Bernards Roman Catholic Church 1902‐1992.
Bristol, St Bernards.
Copy in Bristol Central Library.

Other Shirehampton churches

Other buildings including private houses

King’s Weston

King’s Weston house and estate

A lot of publications deal with King’s Weston House, too many to list here. But there is now a vast amount of historical and descriptive material on the King’s Weston Action Group web‐site, www.kwag.org.uk. The material is partly analysed in this bibliography, but interested readers should simply browse the web‐site as a first resort, using the History, the Gallery/Historic images, the Downloads/History exhibition panels and the Downloads/History resources menus on the home page. There are also some paper guides in existence uploaded to the web‐site or reprinted from material there.

King’s Weston, Bristol, England.
Record ID: 1953, http://www.parksandgardens.org/places‐and‐people/site/1953 accessed 10 September 2018.

Coates, Richard (2018) The King’s Weston estate farms. Online at http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2018/06/KWFindependent.pdf.
Also now in Coates, 2019Places, names and history in north‐west Bristol.

Gomme, Andor, Michael Jenner and Bryan Little1979
Bristol: an architectural history.
London, Lund Humphries, in association with Bristol & West Building Society108‐113.

Historic Englandundated
Listing statement for King’s Weston House, https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the‐list/list‐entry/1000335; also http://www.imagesofengland.org.uk/Details/Default.aspx?id=379894 and the next 3 articles there on adjacent buildings, all accessed 9 September 2018.

King’s Weston Action Group2016
King’s Weston park and house: a guide.
Bristol, King’s Weston Action Group.

Martyn, David2014
King’s Weston: new insights on old views. Avon Gardens Trust Journal3‐11, http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2014/02/Avon‐Gardens‐Trust‐Journal‐2014‐small.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Martyn, David2014
New discoveries at King’s Weston?Bulletin16‐17,http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2014/02/2014summerbulletin.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Musson, Jeremy2008.
Vanbrugh’s least‐known masterpieceCountry Life26 November 2008, http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2014/02/Kingsweston‐26‐11‐2008b.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Phillips: Niall Phillips Associates1985
Kingsweston garden buildings: a conservation study.
[unknown place] Niall Phillips Associates.

Pritchard, J. E., & Co1937
Catalogue for the sale of antique and modern furniture at Kingsweston House, Shirehampton, Bristol.
Available at Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/848.

Russell, James2004.
The lodge and compass on Penpole Hill, Avon Gardens Trust Journal16‐26, http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2014/02/Avon‐Gardens‐Trust‐Journal.‐Gt‐Court‐Penpole‐Russel‐J.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Russell, James2014
The ‘Great Court’ at King’s WestonAvon Gardens Trust Journal29‐37, http://www.kwag.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2014/02/Avon‐Gardens‐Trust‐Journal.‐GtCourt‐Penpole‐Russel.J.pdf accessed 17 December 2020.

Sea Mills

The main material on Sea Mills is hard to find, but copies can be found in Bristol Central Library, reference section, except where noted.


Berridge, Antony Keyworth2009
Old Sea Mills 1940/50.
Bristol (Auto‐)biographical pamphlet. Available in Bristol Central Lending Library.

Harbour, 18th‐century, and the river Trym

Harris, Peter1985
A short account of Sea Mills harbour, Bristol.
Bristol, the author.
Available in Bristol Central lending Library.

Harris, Peter1995
The Lower Trym valley: an outline history of the river Trym and the valley from the junction of the Hen and the Trym to the harbour at Sea Mills.
Bristol, the author
Available in Bristol Central lending Library.

For the Roman harbour, see above under Archaeological excavation reports: Sea Mills.

Historic garden

Russell, Jamesundated
Mixing business with pleasure. An 18th‐century garden layout at Sea Mills.
Bristol, Untraced

Public housing and conservation area

Bristol City Council2011
Conservation Area 21, Sea Mills: character appraisal and management proposals. https://www.bristol.gov.uk/documents/20182/33832/sea-mills-character-appraisal.pdf/0278d384-f6b8-4dc2-b4e0-e5048c5731f3 accessed frequently.

Jevons, Rosamund and John Madge1946
Housing estates: a study of Bristol Corporation policy and practice between the wars.
Bristol, University of Bristol.

Miller, Mervyn2007
Sea Mills garden suburb in context

Roberts, John for Save Sea Mills Garden Suburb2007.
The definition and characteristics of a post‐WW1 garden suburb, with particular reference to Sea Mills garden suburb.
Bristol, Save Sea Mills Garden Suburb.

Wallis, Tim R. 2004
Sea Mills and the battle of the styles: stylistic variety in the architecture of an inter‐war garden suburb and its origins in Victorian revivalism.
Unpublished and untraced.

Wallis, Tim R. 2006
Conserving Sea Mills garden suburb. Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Community Project.
Unpublished and untraced.

For Roman buildings: see Archaeological reports, above.



Helme, Judy2012‐17
Historical notes accompanying drawings, mainly of local buildings, made in the 1980s by Betty Marten, featured in Shire newspaper e.g. 2012‐13, 2016‐17.

The Tithe Barn

Hack, Ralph A. 2012
History of the Tithe Barn and tithingShire, July. http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 22 November 2018.

Malletts Court

Cooper, Susan Margaret2017
Thomas Alcock: a biographical account.
Privately published.
Part 5 is about Malletts Court, assumed to be the Elizabethan House, High Street, but Malletts Court is more likely to be The Priory in what is now Priory Gardens.

The George Inn

Hack, Ralph A. 1999, 2000
History of the George Inn 2 partsShireDecember and February respectively, http://www.shire.org.uk.

Lamplighter’s Hall now The Lamplighters pub.

anonymous ?Paul Townsendapparently 1982, but site dated 2001
The Lamplighters. Formerly http://weldgen.tripod.com/bristolinns/id16.html (ultimate source not known; accessed 06 February 2007 with the text taken mainly from Thomas (2002). See now
accessed 18 September 2018.

The Powder House

Coates, Richard2016
The Shirehampton Powder House: exploding some mythsThe Regional Historian: journal of The Regional History Centre, UWE Bristol 30, 10‐15. See also journal archives regionalhistorianuwe.org Subscription/affiliated access required.


Hack, Ralph A. 1980
Penlea: a little history of an old houseShireJanuary.

Public Hall, Shirehampton

Hack, Ralph A. 1998
The building of Shirehampton Public HallShireApril.
This material, relevant to the book in the following entry, appears http://www.shirepubhall.org.uk/ accessed 18 September 2018.

Helme, Judy2005
Shirehampton Public Hall, 1904‐2004: serving the community for one hundred years.
Bristol, Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association.

Pollard, Kate2003
Bligh Bond, a ‘colourful’ Bristol architectEvening Post02/12/2003.
Also http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 18 September 2018.
Architect of the Public Hall and other buildings in Shirehampton.

Smith, Gillian2010
Historic building investigation and recording on Shirehampton Public Hall and Library.
MA thesis, University of Bristol
Available through the city libraries.

Shirehampton Remount Camp (World War I)

This covered a wide area between Penpole Ridge and the railway line.

Davies, Michael2007
The Remount Section ‐ a further footnoteShireJanuary.
The history of this camp involves Percy Toplis, whose story is told in William Allison and John Fairley
1978 The monocled mutineerLondon, Quartet.

Hack, Ralph A. 2006
The Great War, Remount Camp, 1914‐1918ShireNovember.
http://www.shire.org.uk (scroll down)
Other notes on the subject follow this item in subsequent issues of Shire.

Penpole Camp

Byrne, Eugene2011
Stolen Paradise: civilian squatters in military camps in and around postwar BristolThe Regional Historian: journal of The Regional History Centre, UWE Bristol 2331‐36.
Including extracts from an interview with Tom KirkIncludes the WW2‐era Penpole Camp. See also journal archives regionalhistorianuwe.org Subscription/affiliated access required.

Council and other public housing

Butcher, E. E, ed1932
Bristol Corporation of the Poor, 1696‐1834.
Bristol, Bristol Record Society, publication 3.
Of interest because the almshouse St Peter’s Hospital, formerly in the centre of Bristol, held land in Shirehampton in the 18th century, and its boundary stone can still be seen in Crabtree Slip Wood when the brambles have been cleared.

Clarke, Albert H., S.J.Tucker, C. Bryant and Son Ltd (formerly John Knox – Bristol – Ltd), L. W. Francis and William Cowlin and Son Ltd. 1963
Flats and old people’s dwellings at Shirehampton, BristolOfficial Architecture and Planningvol. 26, no. 10October978-982.
accessed 21 December 2020.
Deals with the buildings at The Ridge.

Hunt, Stephen J. 2009
Yesterday’s tomorrow: Bristol’s Garden Suburbs.
Bristol, Bristol Radical History Group, pamphlet 8.
Contains material on Shirehampton housing before 1914.

Malpass, Peter and Jennie Walmsley2005
100 years of council housing in Bristol.
Bristol, University of the West of England, Faculty of the Built Environment Technical Report.

Skilleter, Keith J. about 2000
Bristol’s garden suburbs: a history of housing reform, town planning and the Corporation’s ‘cottage estates’ 1890‐19392 volumes.
Unpublished; available at Bristol Archive 45752/1. Covers Shirehampton and Sea Mills.

Sturge, Elizabeth and Frederick A. S. Goodbody1909
A garden suburb for Bristol.
Letchworth, Letchworth Garden City Press.
Promotional pamphlet for proposed development in Shirehampton.

Other private houses

Cemlyn, David and Maureen Waters2012
Elizabethan Cottage, Shirehampton. High Street, Shirehampton.
Unpublished report on the history and architecture of the building.

Coates, Richard2018
Giant StrideseShire http://www.shire.org.uk
On the Stride family of local builders.


Pollard, Kate2004
Shirehampton Snooker Club: the past and present building [= the former National School]ShireNovember http://www.shire.org.uk
Derived from works of Ethel Thomas and from stated local documents.

Price, Steve1988
Shirehampton National Day and Junior Mixed School 1863‐1988.
Privately published.
Cover title: One hundred and twenty five years of Shire schools. 4 copies in Bristol Central Library. Based on Shirehampton National School logbook, whose whereabouts are uncertain.

Other schools: Shirehampton Primary, Avon Primary, Portway Community College.

Swimming baths, Shirehampton

Hack, Ralph A. 2005
Shirehampton BathsShireOctober http://www.shire.org.uk accessed 22 November 2018.

Other objects

Bewys Cross and the Anthony Post

Bewys Cross2007. Wikipedia.

Coates, Richard2014
Two Bristol crosses: Bewell’s Cross, St Michael on the Mount Without parish, and Bewys Cross, KingswestonTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 132217‐228.

Hanks, Nick2007
Bewys Cross, the Bevis Stone and Sir Bevis of Hampton: an exploration of possible connectionsBristol and Avon Archaeology 2187‐90.

Hunt, J. M. 1990
Notes on the old stone crosses of the county of AvonAvon Past 1521‐30
Bewys Cross is described on pp. 24‐26 and pictured on the front cover.

Wood, James G. 1903, published 1905
The ‘Anthony Post’ at AvonmouthTransactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club Herefordshire196‐197.

Holy wells

Braidwood, P. Murray1894
The holy well at ShirehamptonBritish Medical Journal2.175121 July 1894, 159; followed up by Holtom, CharlesBritish Medical Journal2.175228 July 1894, 229.

Other places

Belding, Mrs M. P. 1976
Letter about wells in ShirehamptonShireNovember, 6.

Coleman, Ruth for SCAF and Shire Greens no date, (after 2012).
Welcome to Lamplighter’s Marsh, leaflet.

Engineering reports

Murray, R. T. 1971
Embankments constructed on soft foundations: settlement study at Avonmouth.
Road Research Laboratory report.

A mention has been found of the following article, but no author is given and the journal title is wrong:

anonymousA tidal power project at AvonmouthEnergelicheskoc Obozvenie 71934; this appears to be a Russian journal correctly titled Energetičeskoe obozrenie (‘ Review of Energy ’) but the item is still untraced; and the project apparently never happened.

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Farming and land management

Hewlett, Rose2020
The Gloucestershire Court of Sewers 1583-16.
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Gloucestershire Record Series 35.
Covers drainage management and seawall maintenance in the Lower Marsh between Shirehampton and Aust.

Steer, Mary Jane2018
Continuity and change in agricultural practices on SevernsideThe Regional Historian, UWE Bristol.
new series 166‐70. See also journal archives regionalhistorianuwe.org Subscription/affiliated access required.


Mustard gas factory and His Majesty’s Filling Station no. 23

Beddow, Neil2014
Gas girls.
Bristol, ’acta.
About conditions in local WW1 factories. See also https://www.acta-bristol.com/gas-girls-2/ accessed 30 October 2018.

Imperial Chemical Industries (Avlon Works), and its successors including AstraZeneca (1960‐?2008)

Davidson, J.1964
The initial development of ICI Severnside WorksChemistry and Industry28 November1968‐1977.

Imperial Smelting Corporation, its predecessors and successors (1920‐2003)

Bingham, Roger2012
The rise and fall of ACS Chemicals at Avonmouth: the impact of the Montreal Protocol on CFCsThe Regional Historian 25 (summer)32‐37.
Includes a potted business history of Imperial Smelting Corporation, its predecessors and successors. See also journal archives regionalhistorianuwe.org Subscription/affiliated access required.

Green, John2009
Bristol and the zinc industryNewsletter of the Retired Professional Engineers Club, Bristol (March), http://www.rpec.co.uk/news12.html accessed July 2009.

Harvey, Charles E. and Jon Press1988
Downstream innovation ‐ chemical and zinc production at AvonmouthSection 13 of the chapter Industrial change and the economic life of Bristol since 1800. In C. E. Harvey and J. Press, eds.Studies in the business history of Bristol.
Bristol: Bristol Academic Press1‐32Reproduced on Peter Wardley, ed1997. Bristol historical resourceCDBristol, University of the West of England. http://humanities.uwe.ac.uk/bhr/Main/industry/13_industry.htm accessed 11 July 2018.

The following publications were apparently in‐house journals at ISC (exact dates not known):
  • Avonmouth Smelters’ Digest1953‐9. 6 issues in BRO at 392/1‐6.
  • Avonmouth Works Digest1960‐70, some loose copies in BRO at 392/7‐14.
  • Discus, journal of Imperial Smelting Corporation Ltd1952‐8, in BRO at Pamphlets/305A‐F.
  • Elements: the in‐house journal of ISC Avonmouth1989‐90>>??.
  • Elements, for Rhodia Chemicals people at Avonmouth??<<1998>>??.

If anyone knows where full runs of these can be located, please tell the compiler at richardc.yb@gmail.com.


Bettany, Kevin2018
Avonmouth Docks and BOCM Silcocks ‐ a memory of Avonmouth. https://www.francisfrith.com/uk/avonmouth/avonmouth-docks-and-bocm-silcocks_268280211 accessed 11 December 2018.

The British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd, Bristol ‐ a souvenir of your visit to Avonmouth mill.
Available in Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/787.

Report ‐ Derelict Avonmouth (The Three Giants). Bristol ‐ 2014/15 https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/derelict-avonmouth-the-three-giants-bristol-2014-15.96614/ accessed 11 December 2018.

Reports concerning local industrial sites

Windeyer, Brian1972
Report of a committee under the chairmanship of Sir Brian Windeyer appointed to inquire into lead poisonings at the RTZ Smelter at Avonmouth (Parliament: Papers by command).

20+ articles on Avonmouth, mainly technical reports on industrial pollution, are accessible through the web resource ScienceDirect. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleListURL&_method=list&_ArticleListID=538010828&_sort=d&_acct=C000010139&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=122883&md5=11be0d179116e1c3714f606062d7f953&view=f[.
Link may be active only in institutions subscribing to ScienceDirect.

Transport by river, rail and road

The histories of the docks and the railways cannot sensibly be separated from each other.

Appleby H. N. 1925
Port of Bristol Authority, Official handbook.
Bristol, Port of Bristol Authority.
Various later editions including 1930, 1952 and 1984, some published London, F. G. Warne.

Bristol Port Companyundated
Our history. https://www.bristolport.co.uk/about-us/our-history accessed 18 September 2018. Includes Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Docks

Coates, Richard2016
The Avonmouth Light RailwayTransactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 134, 231‐250.

Coates, Richard2018
The Pill ferry. http://www.shire.org.uk.

Coombes, Nigel1995
White Funnel magic.
Truro, Twelveheads.
Account of a line sailing from Avonmouth.

Cross, David. 2015
Banana traffic from AvonmouthGreat Western Railway Journal12 no. 94 Spring 2015319-328.
With pictures and references to letters in later issues.

Crump, G. H. G., and P. H. Howlett1936
Locomotives of the Port of Bristol Authority, AvonmouthLocomotive Magazine 42285-286.
Summarized The Locomotive Magazine and Railway Carriage and Wagon Review Volume (1936) (steamindex.com) accessed 17 December 2020.

Gunn, George1997
White Funnel memories.
Llandysul, Gomer.
Account of a line sailing from Avonmouth.

McCutcheon, Campbell2006
Elders and Fyffes.
Stroud, Tempus Publishing.
History of the line specializing in banana importing through Avonmouth.

Maggs, Colin1975
The Bristol Port Railway & Pier and the Clifton Extension Railway
Tarrant Hinton, DorsetOakwood Press.

Mitchell, Vic and Keith Smith2004
Branch lines around Avonmouth: Hotwells, Severn Beach and via Henbury.
Midhurst, Middleton Press.

Momber, Colindate uncertain
Bristol seaport: one thousand years of history.
DVDYate, 1st Take Productions.

Momber, Colin, 2019. Ships in the Port of Bristol. Preston: Ships in Focus Publications.

Motorway Archive Trustundated
Avonmouth bridge, J18 to J19 of the M5.
Section in Region: South West: The Twyning Green (J8) to Edithmead (J22) section of M5
http://mat.pixl8-hosting.co.uk/en/motorways/motorway-listing/m5/m5-the-twyning-green-j8-to-edithmead-j22/avonmouth-bridge.cfm accessed 18 September 2018.

Napier, Liz2018
The Lower Severn Vale: trade and exploration in Tudor timesThe Regional Historiannew series 176‐82. See also journal archives regionalhistorianuwe.org Subscription/affiliated access required.

Neale, W. G. 1968
At the Port of Bristol.
Bristol, Port of Bristol Authority.
2 volsvol. 1Members and problems, 1848‐1899; vol. 2The turn of the tide, 1900‐1914.

Neale, W. G. 1976
The tides of war and the Port of Bristol, 1914‐1918.
Bristol, Port of Bristol Authority.
In effect = vol. 3 of the previous item.

Parsons, Richard M. 1982
The white ships: the banana trade at the port of Bristol.
Bristol, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.
Bananas came into Avonmouth from 1901.

Port of Bristol Authority1950‐1973
Six promotional films, now available on two DVDs as Ship shape and Bristol fashionYate, 1st Take Productions, in association with Bristol Record Office.

Port of Bristol1977
Avonmouth Dock Centenary 1877‐1977
Bristol, Port of Bristol.

Rendall, P. D. 2018
The Avonmouth line: history and working.
Ramsbury, The Crowood Press Ltd.
Available as e‐book.

Thomas, Ethel1977
Avonmouth’s first dock century 1877‐1977Illustrated Bristol and Bath News 26, no. 206February.
Available in Bristol Archives.

Thomas, Ethel1982
Yes, we do have some again. [About the return of bananas to Avonmouth docks after an absence of 14 years.] Bristol and West Country Illustrated 7, no. 63, August.
Available in Bristol Archives.

Thomas, Ethel1983
Photographs and information about the ships Royal George and Royal EdwardBristol and West Country IllustratedVolume unknown., no. 72, May.
Available in Bristol Archives.

Vincent, Mike1979
Lines to Avonmouth.
Oxford, Oxford Publishing Co.

Warburton, Mark B. 1972. Serving the Port of Bristol. Railway Magazine 856 (August).

Wells, Charles1909
A short history of the Port of Bristol.
Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith and London: Simpkin, Marshall.

The Pill ferry also features in the children’s books about Tabitha Miggins the cat, by Philippa Perry (Bristol Folk Publications, 2013).

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Avon University Settlement (Community Association): University Settlement Bristol, Twyford House, The Evergreens, Shire Advice Service

Local charity becomes a centenarianShireJuly. http://www.shire.org.uk.

Jennings, Hildaundated; ?1959
The University Settlement and its pioneer work in Bristol and Shirehampton.
Bristol, University Settlement Bristol, esp. 3‐4.
Copy available in Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/1637a.

Jennings, Hilda1961/2
University Settlement Bristol 1911‐1961, fifty years of change.
Bristol, University Settlement Bristol, esp. 22, 32‐34, 45‐46, 48‐49.
Copy available in Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/1637b.
Also: (1971) … 1911‐1971, sixty years of changeBristol, University Settlement Bristol Community Association, esp. 18‐19, 26‐27, 32, 35‐36, 38‐39.
Copy available in Bristol Archives, 35510/Ass/6/3/1.

The original Shirehampton University Settlement hut was in Groveleaze; it later operated from Barrow Green farmhouse and Twyford House.
See also Rotha Mary Clay in the People: Historical personalities section
The organization’s archives are occasionally available to the public on open days (see for example ShireSeptember 2018 http://www.shire.org.uk)
A scrapbook of the Settlement is in the possession of the Avon (University Settlement) Trustees.

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Avonmouth Old Boys Rugby Club

No history is available.

Avonmouth Old Boys RFC. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/avonmoutholdboys/a/history-8396.html accessed 3 September 2018.

PBA Bowls Club

Hinksman, David. 2020. City and Port of Bristol Bowls Club. Shire 581 (June), online only http://www.shire.org.uk.
See also: The story of PBA Bowls Club. Shire 582 (July), pp. 18-19, online at http://www.shire.org.uk.

Sea Mills and Lawrence Weston Chess Club (previously Twyford House Chess Club, then Sea Mills Chess Club)

Ashby, Alan1982
A history of Sea Mills Chess ClubBristol Chesstimes75th anniversary issue. http://www.chessit.co.uk/Centenary/History/1982-75th/history/1982/seamills.html accessed 26 August 2018.

Shirehampton Cricket Club

Joslin, E. G., W. Elborne and others1983
Shirehampton Cricket Club 1858‐1983: 125th anniversary.
Bristol, Shirehampton Cricket Club.
Available at Bristol Archives, Pamphlet/2041.
Also available through the branch library system. With introductory historical essay by Ralph Hack.

Shirehampton Football Club

No history is available. The club’s first XI won the Somerset Premier League in 2000, 2011 and 2015.

Shirehampton Park Golf Club

White, Eric F. 2004
Golf in the Little Park: a history of Shirehampton Park Golf Club 1904‐2004.
Bristol, Arrowsmith.

Twyford House Cricket Club

Hazzard, Ray and others1997
Twyford House Cricket Club: the first fifty years.
Bristol, Twyford House Cricket Club

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Climatic reports

unknown author1984
Frequency of wind direction and speed at Avonmouth (Climatological note).
London, Meteorological Office.
Further details not known.

Natural history

Local nature reserves

Bristol City Council2005
Lawrence Weston Moor leaflet. See also the online description at https://www.bristol.gov.uk/museums-parks-sports-culture/lawrence-weston-moor accessed 27 August 2018.

Shirehampton Community Action Forumundated
Welcome to Lamplighter’s MarshLeaflet with online version at http://www.riveravontrail.org.uk/archive/lamplighter%27s_marsh_a3_leaflet.pdf accessed 18 September 2018
Partially upside down on the web‐page!

Forest of Avon2007
Sea Mills circular walk: a scenic four mile route around Sea Mills, Blaise and Coombe Dingle, Bristol.
Bristol, Forest of Avon.

Botany: the rare plants of the Shirehampton area

Lovatt, Clive.
There are 40 short articles by Clive Lovatt on the botany of the Shirehampton area in Shire from 2014 to 2018, www.shire.org.uk, reference section, which can be found by searching on the author’s surname.
They are especially interesting on rare plants.

Pring, Margaret E. 1961
Arabis stricta HudsJournal of Ecology 49.2431‐437

Some rare whitebeams, Sorbus domestica True Service Tree, Sorbus anglica and Sorbus eminens (an unusually round‐leaved variety) are found locally, and are referred to in Wikipedia for Shirehampton and Horseshoe Bend.

Other wildlife

Harris, Stephen1984
Ecology of urban badgers Meles meles: distribution in Britain and habitat selection, persecution, food and damage in the city of BristolBiological Conservation 28.4349‐375.

Page, R. J. C., J. Ross and D. H. Bennet1992
A study of the home ranges, movements and behaviour of the feral cat population at Avonmouth DocksWildlife Research19.3263‐277.
Also reported in 1993, Revue scientifique et technique (International Office of Epizootics)12.123‐26.
This will be hard to find, so the authors’ abstract is reproduced here:

[Abstract] The feral cat population at a 178‐hectare dockland site was studied for 18 months by direct observation assisted by radio‐tracking. Although food appeared to be abundant and widely distributed, the population density was low (10‐15 adults km‐2). There were few females in the population (7 of 22 cats of known sex) and little breeding success: only one weaned litter was seen during the entire study. Home range sizes were similar for males and females, and were much smaller (15 +/‐ 17 ha and 10+/‐7 ha, respectively) than would be expected from the low density. The cats were mostly solitary rather than group‐living, with little contact or social interaction. The implications of the findings for feral cat control are discussed, with particular emphasis on emergency measures for rabies outbreaks.

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Bullen, Mark1994
Curiosities of the Customs in South West England.
Privately published.
Regional history of HM Customs & Excise from about 1500‐1900 and in particular of the custom houses (their premises, furnishings, historical collections of equipment and administrative records) at places including Avonmouth.

Public health

Davies, D. S. 1907
Diphtheria and small‐pox: an epidemiological contrast. Public Health 19349‐352.

Heaven, John C. 1902‐3.
Diphtheria as a disease of person, not of place: Being a consideration of latent forms and Carrier cases, studied during epidemic prevalence of the disease in Bristol and the neighbourhood. Public Health 15516‐530.
Compares the incidence of the disease in the 1901 outbreak in Avonmouth and Shirehampton.

Local works of art (physical)

Base, Irene1950s?
The Shirehampton missal.
Unique hand‐crafted communion service book, kept at St Mary’s church.

Base, Irene1982
Memorial book.
Unique hand‐crafted book, unfinished at the artist’s death in 1982; kept at St Mary’s church.
There is also a work called Shirehampton Book of Remembrance, compiled by Steve Fell, which can be viewed https://shirehamptonbookofremembrance.webs.com/.
See Shire November 2006.

Downes, K. 1967.
The King’s Weston book of drawingsArchitectural History 107-88.
The original book is in Bristol Archives, reference number 33746.

A number of nationally and locally well‐known artists etched, sketched and painted in the King’s Weston and Shirehampton area, including notably Francis Danby, Robert Goff, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Loxton, Alfred Nixon Moores, Nicholas Pocock, Annie Foster K. Shapley, John Warwick Smith, Philip Wilson Steer and John Syer. Frank Holl did a portrait of Rachel Harvey, aunt of an early‐20thC vicar. Some of their work is in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and many reproductions can be found online.

In Shirehampton itself, Betty Marten (1980s) has done numerous paintings and pen and ink sketches, especially of buildings, and her work has been regularly featured in Shire newspaper (e.g. 2012‐13, 2016‐17) with historical notes by Judy Helme.

Local drama, songs and poems

Beddow, Neil2014
Gas girls: the untold story of Avonmouth‘s mustard gas factories.
Bristol: ’acta Community Theatre.
There is also a touring play based on the book, about conditions in local WW1 factories.

Bullock, Ethel Kate1910
Avonmouth Light House. Poem in the Ethel Thomas Collection, Bristol Archives 2/A/47.

Davis, Charles The Chimney‐Sweep Poet, undated
Poem about Penpole, printed in Ethel Thomas, Shirehampton story55.

Hallett, Alyson, coordinator of 49 contributors1995
The Shirehampton poem 1995.
Privately published.

Hobhouse, Thomas1787
Kingsweston Hill: a poem; the second edition, with considerable alterations by the author…
London, printed for J. ForbesDate of first edition unknown.

NAMSO. Locally themed verses in Shire, which can be found by using the online index.

Uncategorizable local material

A full, true, and particular Account of Two Poor Children that were found starved to death, one about three, and the other about five years old in the Plantations, near Shirehampton, on Thursday Morning last, October 15, 1818, supposed to be left there by some Gypsies.
Pamphlet of 6 pages

Walker, Richardabout 1850
Tale of the olden time, founded on the discovery of a marble bust in a secret chamber, at Shirehampton.
Copy in the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. I have found no other reference to any such discovery.

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Untraced publications list

Lewis, Dennisundated
An appreciation of Alfred Nixon Moores 1914‐2000.
Moores was an artist sometimes working from Twyford House.

Nicholls, A. J. undated
Report on Shirehampton Library tower clock.

Shirehampton school logbook.

Several items mentioned under Sea Mills above have also not been located.

If you know where a copy of any of these untraced items exists, please tell the compiler, and please send suggestions of books, pamphlets, articles, audio or video items or web‐pages for inclusion in this historical resource to the compiler at richardc.yb@gmail.com.

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