The Museum of Bristol and its public

'The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is a much-loved Bristol institution containing collections of national status alongside local treasures. But though its visitors often linger at Ernest Board's grand 1930 painting of Some Who Have Made Bristol Famous, the museum as a whole does not focus on the city's own history. Certainly, the lives of ordinary Bristolians have yet to be represented and as a buoyant market rewrites the city's topography, there is a real need to historicise Bristol's urban spaces'. In this article, Dresser looks at the plans to open a museum which fills the gaps left my Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Regional Historian Report on the Museum of Bristol Meeting

How much has the history of ordinary Bristolians been portrayed in the city’s Museums? Blaise House, it is true has some charming material about childhood and rural life and the Industrial Museum does look at the history of the industrial and port work force. Temporary exhibitions at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery have also, at times, attempted to widen their usual focus on the Great and the Good. But these exceptions only prove the rule. For the most part, the lives of the mass of the city’s inhabitants, and the way the city itself has evolved —has been ignored.