A ‘Determined Suicide’ at Slad

The village of Slad in Gloucestershire is best known as the childhood home, and final resting place, of the poet and author Laurie Lee (1914-1997). His early years were captured, famously, in Cider with Rosie,a series of evocative tales of village life. Bond focus in this short article, on the mysterious death of a local person, and the series of events which transpired in pursuit of the cause.

The Victoria History of the County of Gloucestershire

In this articles, Smith provides detail on a new volume that was recently published regarding the history of Gloucestershire. It touches upon what form the history was previously recorded, and when these tomes were compiled.

Picture in Focus: Anti-Slavery and the Arch

Anne Mackintosh looks at the archway at Paganhill and considers its links with the anti-slavery movement. Furthermore, the articles also considers the preservation of the arch over time, and how the community it features has persevered to maintain and preserve the history of the anti-slavery movement.