Elections before the secret ballot: the Bristol Poll Book of 1852

Bristol's last Poll Book was published in 1852. Poll Books include the personal details of voters such as their names, profession and address. Furthermore, these Poll Books can be valuable pieces of historical evidence. Stevens’ article offers a critical study of the 1852 Bristol Poll Book, shedding light on the voting intentions and political views of different parishes, classes, families and professions.

Sites of memory and neglect: John Thelwall and the art of dying quietly

'The burial fields around St Swithin's Church at the top of Walcot in Bath contain some pretty impressive mortal remains. There's Fanny Burney for instance, and Jane Austen's dad. And Sir Edward Berry, one of Nelson's captain's, a veteran of the Nile and Trafalgar. These three eminent visitors to Bath all have more in common than approximation in death however, for their monuments are also the subject of expensive recent face-lifts'.