A Purpose for Purposefulness? Seeking a role for perceptual drawing in historical research

"I am a figurative painter whose work is rooted in drawing (both literally and metaphorically) from the world around me. After many years spent coming to terms with the purposelessness of my art practice, I have found that other people are beginning to find a purpose in what I do. This article will explore whether my artist's perception of place, expressed through the indeterminate medium of drawing, can find some purpose by making a contribution to historical research".

Marketing the Poor: Gainsborough and the Circulation of Provisions in Bath

'The Georgian painter, Thomas Gainsborough, spent some of the most productive years of his career making portraits and landscapes from a base in the city of Bath'. Inspired by the 2012 exhibition at the Holburne Museum curated by Susan Sloman, Steve Poole looks at this shift in Gainsborough's focus and how this changed the presentation of the poor.