View of the River Avon from Shirehampton Park, painted by John Syer

A bibliography of Shirehampton

To accompany his recent book, Shirehampton sketches, Richard Coates has developed a detailed online bibliography of resources covering almost every aspect of the Shirehampton area.

Shirehampton is a place of great and varied interest, both historical and modern. With its neighbour King’s Weston, it has been a Gloucestershire farming village, a retreat for Bristol gentry, a destination for tourists to see one of the best views in England, an industrial suburb, a major military centre, a place of experimentation with housing of many different sorts, a beautiful place to play golf, and, through being the parish out of which Avonmouth was carved, one of the most important middle-sized ports and specialized industrial zones in England. 

The Regional History Centre is delighted to host the online bibliography. It is freely accessible here.

The book Shirehampton sketches published by Bristol Books (2021), is available from Shirehampton Community Action Forum, Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TU, or from the publisher.

About the author

Richard Coates has lived in Shirehampton since 2006, working as a researcher and teacher in language, place-names and surnames at the University of the West of England. He has published in print and on the web on many local topics. He is one of the editors of the Oxford dictionary of family names in Britain and Ireland, and author of Your city’s place-names: Bristol (English Place-Name Society) and Places, names and history in north-west Bristol (Bristol Centre for Linguistics).

Lead image: View of the River Avon from Shirehampton Park, by John Syer (C) Bristol Culture

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